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Lofti electronics "géant electronics", s.a.r.l.
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The Sarl LOTFI Electronics "Electronics Giant" in established area of Activity on the road M'sila Bordj Bou Arreridj company is famililiale.le Group Mebarkia former traders of the 1960 fire Hadj Omar who knew him for a long time the market detail to specialize in the wholesale and finally penetrate the national market practice importation and distribution throughout the national territory in general food products, construction materials and years of experience quincaillerie.une date propels children, after the death of their father Hadj Omar in 1992, the import of electronic goods, appliances and even editing. An activity that grew to become important with the importation of large electronic equipment and appliances and products of cold and want and air conditioning. The SARL LOTFI Electronics "Electronics Giant" is about to launch a project prometteuràsavoir also conducting a plastic injection plant for air conditioners, refrigerators and machinesàlaver, bending metal sheets for refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners and more inserting the electronic motherboards "CRT-LCD-TV-DVD-DEMO" whose integration rate can by the end of 2011 to 40% to 50%, the industrial area whose work has already begun with envoisine the completion rate of 50%. Exports to neighboring countries is one of the objectives of the company plans to employ a workforce of 500 163 items besides existing frameworks which, control and execution. The Sarl BISCOSTAR already exports part of its production to North Africa, including Libya.


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